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KIOTO / 希音


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Special Thanks to:
Kwang Min Jang, Lynn Book, Ryusuke Ito, Andrew Johnson, Carolyn Macartney (traycard-photo), CBC Inc. & all of the people who helped to make this work possible!

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1. WEDLOCK / めおと毎日 – 6:33
with Michael Zerang on Percussion
2. BORN / 誕生 – 2:08
3. BOTTLE IN HAND / 哺乳瓶 – 5:09
with Jim O’Rourke on Guitar
4. FIRST TOY / 初めてのおもちゃ – 4:23
with Sanjuro Tsubaki on Japanese Saw
5. TOY BOX / おもちゃ箱 – 5:57
with Bradley Parker-Sparrow on Piano
6. NAP TUNE / 昼寝唄 – 4:25
with Reza Utopicblue on Guitar
7. KIOTO / 希音 – 9:36
with IL-KWA NORI-Korean Cultural Troupe

Tastu Aoki plays Bass and Beer bottle on “KIOTO”


Dedicated to Yukiko and Kioto
All Sings Created By Tatsu Aoki Innocent Eyes and Lenses Production
Producer Francis Wong & Asian Improv Records
Recorded at ACME Recording Chicago, IL U.S.A.
Engineered by Paul Smith
Cover Design by Ryusuke Ito