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Fred Anderson Trio Birthday Live 2000


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Recorded Live at Velvet Lounge on 3/22 & 25, 2000 There’s something about the kind of conversations you can have with old friends–you can skip straight to the heart of the matter. As is the case with this trio of Fred Anderson, Tatsu Aoki and Chad Taylor who performed many times together at the Velvet Lounge. On this particular date at the turn of the millennium, it was the birthday of the heart and soul of the Velvet, tenor sax legend Fred Anderson. This very limited edition archival recording (we call it an official bootleg) is being made available as part of the celebration of Fred’s 80th year of life on our planet. It is a true collectors item as only limited copies were made– and they are being sold to benefit Fred and our beloved Velvet Lounge.

Fred Anderson Saxophone
Chad Taylor Drums
Tatsu Aoki Bass

Recorded live at the Velvet Lounge on 3/22 and 25, 2000. An official bootleg album (limited edition).

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