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Skylanding / Music of Yoko Ono by The Miyumi Project

This special project not for sale

Tatsu Aoki’s The MIYUMI Project released Skylanding, as a commission project from Project 120 in collaboration with Yoko Ono for her first permanent sculpture in the United States, “Skylanding,” unveiled in Jackson Park, Chicago.

The unveiling event featured The MIYUMI Project live, followed by an evening performance at the Stony Island Arts Bank with a special appearance from Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen.

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All compositions by Yoko Ono, © Ono Music (BMI)
Musical arrangements by Tatsu Aoki and The MIYUMI Project


Tatsu Aoki Bass, Kana-Bass, Shamisen
Mwata Bowden Woodwinds
Edward Wilkerson Woodwinds
Jamie Kempkers Cello
Coco Elysses Conga, Percussion
Avreeayl Ra Drums, Percussion
Kioto Aoki Taiko, Narimono
Kiyomi Negi Taiko, Narimono
Noriko Sugiyama Taiko, Narimono
Miyumi Aoki Shinobue, Narimono
Dee Alexander Vocal
Rami Atassi Guitar
Jonathan Chen Violin


1. Warzone / Overture
2. Rising I
3. Don't Worry Kyoko
4. Hashire, Hashire
5. Mindtrain
6. Rising II
7. Warzone / Finale
8. Skylanding / Resolve