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No Traffic in Space – Kioto Aoki

Kioto Aoki


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Paying homage to her earliest memories of performing and exposure to music, taiko artist Kioto Aoki’s debut solo album No Traffic in Space introduces the textural and conceptual gestures that form the foundation of her musical vernacular. The work insists on choreographic articulation as part of musical expression with each piece performed on a different physical setup, emphasizing her stylistically spare improvisation that prioritize phrase over pattern. Special guests Tatsu Aoki & Michael Zerang accompany Aoki’s explorations, as a figurative bridge from adolescence to the present.

Released March 20, 2021

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1. Nidan by K (06:26)
2. No Traffic in Place (06:05)
3. First Lesson (04:13)
4. Odaiko (9:59)
5. Wedlock w/ Tatsu Aoki (bass) & Michael Zerang (drums) (11:11)
6. ステテレテレ (05:30)
7. Could Be (09:15)
8. Velvet Bell w/ Tatsu Aoki (gane) & Michael Zerang (velvet bell) (05:17)
9. Tsuzumi Exercise (02:06)
10. T-2 w/ Tatsu Aoki (taiko) & Michael Zerang (drums) (08:46)
11. Also… (08:22)


All compositions by Kioto Aoki ©2021 (ASCAP), except Wedlock by Tatsu Aoki ©1994 Asian Improv Music Pub. Co. (ASCAP)
Executive Producer: Tatsu Aoki
Artistic Producer: Kioto Aoki
Recording/mixing/mastering: Caleb Willitz
Recorded November 2020
Photography: Kioto Aoki
Design: Al Brandtner
Special Thanks: Aoki Family, Tsukasa Taiko, Michael Zerang, Kiyomi Negi, XiZi Hua