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Legends and Legacies II – Francis Wong


The followup project to the iconic Legends and Legacies I. Featuring a variety of familiar faces and long time collaborators of Asian Improv Arts.

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Francis Wong, tenor saxophone (tracks 1, 2b, 2d, 3-8)
Edward Wilkerson Jr., tenor saxophone, alto clarinet (tracks 1, 2a, 2b, 2d, 3-8)
Mwata Bowden, baritone saxophone, clarinet (tracks 1, 2b, 2d, 3-8)
William Roper, tuba, extemporaneous vocals, small instruments (tracks 1, 2b – 2d, 3-8)
Tatsu Aoki, acoustic bass, shamisen (tracks 1 and 2a-2d)
Kioto Aoki, taiko (tracks 1, 2b, 2d)
Melody Takata, taiko (1, 2b, 2d)


Executive Producer: Tatsu Aoki
Producer: Vinay Patel
Project Management: Lenora Lee
Liner notes: Lauren Deutsch
Recorded November 2018 at Elastic Arts, Chicago by Caleb Willitz
Mastering: Caleb Willitz
Album Art: Al Brandner
Photographer: Yumi Hatta

Special thanks

Asian Improv Arts Midwest
Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival
Elastic Arts


1. The Fire This Time (Francis Wong, BMI)
2. 2a – 2d Beyond the Bridge (Fred Anderson, ASCAP) arrangement Francis Wong
3. Corners #1 (Wong, BMI)
4. Corners #2 (Wong, BMI)
5. Corners #3 (Wong, BMI)
6. Corners #4 (Wong, BMI)
7. Corners #5 (Wong, BMI)
8. Corners #6 (Wong, BMI)