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Sunlight Filtering Through Leaves – Mai Sugimoto


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Mai Sugimoto celebrates the release of her third album, Sunlight Filtering Through Leaves, as a trio featuring Joshua Abrams on bass and Isaiah Spencer on drums. The group was formed for a video presentation honoring Chicago legend Fred Anderson amidst the pandemic in July 2020. She remembers the experience as a revelatory moment, as it was the first time in months that the three had played music with other people. Thinking of that experience, the title looks to the moments in our lives when we can engross ourselves in the simple but profound beauty of something like light filtering through tree leaves—and commemorates the privilege of making music with others.

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Mai Sugimoto: Alto Saxophone, Flute
Joshua Abrams: Bass
Isaiah Spencer: Drums, Roland HPD-10 HandSonic


Executive Producer: Tatsu Aoki
Produced By Mai Sugimoto

Recorded on July, 28, 2021 at Pro Musica

True Stereo Recording + Mixing + Mastering:
Ken Christianson at Pro Musica

Photography: Mai Sugimoto
Graphic Design: Chad McCullough



1. Departure (8:48)
2. Komorebi (9:08)
3. Little Dance (6:39)
4. What Are You? (12:39)
5. Interlude (3:18)
6. Ancient Rasp (8:32)
7. Fathers (9:50)