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Basser Live


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This is one concert I truly regret missing, a solo bass concert attended by an unprecedented crowd of nearly three hundred people. Hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art – Chicago on Saturday evening, May 30, 1998, from Tradition to the Future featured Tatsu Aoki, with guest percussionist John Sagami on Japanese taiko drum and Paul Kim on the Korean Buk, and with visual artist Amy Lee Segami. For Tatsu Aoki, a solo bass concert is a familiar presentation, he already has six solo recordings distributed internationally. However for this record-breaking event, Aoki, who happens to also be a critically-acclaimed filmmaker and lecturer at the Art Institute of Chicago, chose to blend the “painting on water” improvisations of Segami into his performance, and to add Asian drums to the opening section Wed Lock and Fisherman’s Song. This recording of that remarkable performance is a cogent capsule of a mature artist with an original perspective, an uncommonly creative talent getting his groove on.

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1. Introduction – Peter Taub, MCA – 0:36
2. Wed Lock – 9:39
3. Fly Dee – 6:32
4. A night – 9:01
5. Rain Dance – 10:16
6. Roaches – 6:09
7. Fisherman’s Song – 8:30
8. Eigen – 10:37
9. Sukiyaki – Ue O Muite Arukou (R.Ei & H.Nakamura) – 7:18


Live Recording, Mixing & Mastering Sal Vito, The Man of Sound™
Live Sound Engineer Dennis O’Shea
Technical Assistance Bradley Parker Sparrow & Sparrow Sound Design
PR Advisor Irene Cualoping, the Rainmaker

Basser Live, Recorded Live at the Museum of Contemporary Art
Chicago, May 30, 1998 “From Tradition to the Future – Solo Recital”, a celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

Tatsu Aoki Bass
Paul Kim Buk
John Sagami Taiko
Amy Lee Segami Painting on Water™

Special Thanks:
Yukiko Aoki and the family, Irene Cualoping, Amy Lee Segami, Peter Taub and Yolanda Cursach at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Mary Jane Wolski at Carol Fox and Associates, Miyako Matsubara, Tomoko Hayashida, Shinobu Yoshida, Mie Iwami, Yumi Fujimoto, Neil Tesser

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Asian Improv Records
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